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Why is document formatting important?

Document formatting is central for producing material that is easy to read. If the readability is good, the message is more likely to be clear. It can be quite difficult to absorb the message when the formatting of a document is sub-par. The easier the document is to read, the more likely it is that your reader will get through the whole document.

And let’s not forget first impressions! Within the first few seconds readers will form an impression of your work. Whilst it only takes a few seconds, these impressions often last and are hard to shift. Setting off on the right foot is really important to all businesses, however, it’s even more crucial for small businesses.

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect is: The tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area.

Whether or not you have ever heard of the Halo Effect, it underpins many of the decisions and judgments we make on a daily basis. But it’s not all bad news! Thanks to the Halo Effect, when our business documentation is on point, people are more likely to assume that our services/products are too.

Why is it such a chore?

Many business owners struggle to dedicate time to properly formatting their documents. It’s not always neglected on purpose. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  •  Simply run out of time
  • Have to prioritise tasks that have a tangible link to generating revenue
  • Lack of interest / don’t feel there is any value added
  • Do not have the experience or skills

What’s the solution?

If you business documents are looking a little sad or messy, now is the time to spruce them up! I can re-format your word documents to produce a uniform and professional appearance.

I can ensure:

  •  Headers and footers are all the same
  • Fonts and font sizes are consistent
  • Multilevel numbering works
  • Tables of Contents work
  • Margins and alignments are consistent
  • Many other items dependent on your unique document requirements.

I can work to your own style guide or together we can come up with new document branding plan. If required, I can formalise a style guide based on the documents I re-format for you.

For a quotation or more information you can Contact Me.

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