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Why I believe in Functional Organisation

Blog_ What is Functional Organisation_

“Functional Organisation” is the simplest approach to organising your digital files.

It’s about finding a realistic strategy that you can adopt and maintain.

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Organisational Overhaul

There are so many programs and apps available today that make claims and guarantees to make your life easier. And many of them really do. But it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out where to start. There are apps for just about EVERYTHING you can think of. Whilst there are endless solutions for productivity and organisation, that doesn’t mean you need all of them.

If you’ve decided you need an organisational overhaul, it can be tempting to go crazy downloading ALL of the apps and software. But this optimistic gusto can quickly be deflated when you realise how much time and energy is involved in setting everything up. Therefore, you should thoroughly weigh the value versus the cost (actual dollars and your time) before embarking on your organisational adventure.

Why is Functional Organisation the solution?

Someone recently asked me about my approach to organisation and I summed it up with the phrase “Functional Organisation”. This phrase encompasses everything I believe about getting organised. It’s about getting to the heart of what YOU need, rather than employing every cool tool that your friends tell you about. It’s about creating a system that allows YOU to find what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it. For example, if your neighbour isn’t going to be in your filing system, then you shouldn’t create a system based on your neighbour’s needs. This is 100% the reason why I have never created or attempted to sell a magic fix filing system. Because every business and person’s needs are unique, a one-size-fits-all system would rarely work.

As I’ve always said, if you don’t have the National Archives, you don’t need a National Archives filing system. That is to say, your organisational system should focus first on the minimum level of organisation you need. You can build from there, if and when it is required. Because bigger can mean more expensive, more complicated and more time consuming, bigger isn’t always better.

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How can I adopt Functional Organisation?

I’m currently writing a new blog series called Functional Organisation 101. This series will provide practical tips and strategies on the simplest way for you to organise your digital life.  Stay tuned friends!

If you don’t feel confident to tackle your organisational journey on your own, you can Contact Me for help.

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